Friday Fictioneers: The Death of Innocence.

Rochelle its been too long… Two weeks without so much of a bye or leave and then here I am again, ready to tackle the important issues of the day in 100 word form with a beginning, a middle and an end, and all based on the following photograph taken by Marie Gail Stratford. But I don’t have to tell you that, everyone knows that, i’m just reminding myself as its been too long. 

So without further ado, i’ll get my comfy slippers on, my smoking jacket and roll up my left trouser leg (it helps) and say to myself.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Assemblies were quieter.

Since the Chaplain had been caught soliciting in the public toilets (He said he was tying the boys shoes). There was a meeting of all the Clergy and it was decided best if he disappeared for a while.

The virus didn’t obey the new summer freedoms and  within a stroke the whole Divinity department was struck down with the new deadly strain;  a 100% annihilation. Some staff said they had it coming.

Only the caretaker remained, persisting alone in the tiny cottage in the grounds, venturing out only to let the masked developers in with their Mechanical Excavators.

There we go, 100 words on the death and rebirth of a school in the time of the virus and paedophiles.



    • It doesn’t matter, we all wear masks now. The developers are just a symptom of failing schools, businesses and the like. Moving in to build residential units on the still warm seats. The clergy here are the issue, they are the real problem and yet they, as Saville, were tolerated in some schools, they were seen as eccentric. Today they would be seen as serial child abusers.


  1. When my younger son was in High school they uncovered a paediphile and every one of them reported him to the Headmaster, as victims and you can guess the rest
    But before turning him in they made his life hell.

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