Cricket Woes

Sammi Cox is the genius behind the Weekend Writing Prompt, the rules are in the picture, I’m not explaining again. So here goes, it’s my once a month effort. This week it concerns nothing more exciting than my televisual habits.

Friday morning 4:30am, Cricket’s on TV again, Hooray, but bloody hell, 4:30? That’s how the time zones work very much against the tumbling snowball of getting older. Christ, 2 mornings in the 4’s and i’m shattered, I had an unforced, unplanned, surprising siesta on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday came around and I yielded to the 4’s and embraced the 8’s despite being tripped up by the 3’s as my son was discovered on his X-Box. 

Following the England Cricket Team is always a Gargantuan task, but during the plague the unrealised lethargy really creeps up on you.

So I’ll see you at 4:45 tomorrow morning.



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