Jackpot Junk

Imagine the Angels whispering in your ears! It is pretty much what happens when the talk to me… For more than 40 years I have been endowed with a gift from Heaven…

And so it went on, I must be the luckiest guy alive to recieve an email from someone who has these sorts of incredible gifts, and imagine, were I not searching for Russian Brides for a friend and how to buy and sell Bitcoin in my emails then I wouldn’t have stumbled across these sort of claims. I can not believe that all these informative and potentially life changing emails were all languishing in my junk email box!  I could understand that emails from my solicitors when we moved house found there way into the junk box; but this stuff?! Well slap my thigh and call me Roger, cover me in Jam i’m a Jammy Dodger.

I’ve taken steps to get in touch with the man who speaks to angels as I would be really pleased to speak to them, even through a second party. You could say I would experience, once more, some Angel Delight, the last time I had such a feeling was in the 1980’s, and I think it was either Strawberry or Butterscotch. I’m going to keep an eye on my so called “junk” box, it seems almost too good to be true and so tomorrow I’m going to send next months wages to a company who trades offshore, (tax reasons they tell me) and ask them to invest it all in Bitcoin because within a month i’ll be raking in 10’s of thousands of pounds.  History teaches us that something or other favours the brave, and so I’m being brave, not stupid as all the doubters tell me. Plus i’ve got angels on my side and probably I may get to speak via a third party to God too, so who’s being ridiculous now?



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