Revenge over bad deeds

Tomorrow, we’ve got workers coming round to look at the house and point at things, before strolling off back up to the site hut to have a few nips of whisky and look at porn. All under the close scrutinisation of the absent but somehow omnipresent yet immaterial Sunny (the useless developer) whose bark is as useless as his bite and his lack of a backbone is demonstrated in his immediate acceptance to solve issues and then sloping off to his Matt black Range Rover where he can plug in his phone and play candy crush, the twat. 

Boiler and painting tomorrow, not sure what the boiler guy is coming because he’s “unreliable” which brings me great joy, as I delay my working start to accommodate fools who find time keeping beyond their means, a lack of respect no less, but we’ve got an uprising bubbling under, the folk of the close have ammunition and we are not afraid to throw the developer down the well where he will have to find some money to spend on the drains. Fucking cheap skate.

Night fans and people who stumbled upon this by accident.


  1. “not sure what the boiler guy is coming because” are u warm Dom? do ur showers have powers? can ur bath overfloweth with comforting hot water? if I can be of a sounding board – with your “heat pimp” let me know M

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