Friday Fictioneers: Paradise Found & Lost

Christ, the weeks I’ve had; I’ve barely lifted a finger to the keyboard, I guess this is the slump, brought on by boredom, irritation and tedium all related to the developers, but thanks to Rochelle I’m making an effort to get out of this downward fug, brain fog. So what a wonderful photo by CEAyr who’s name I’ve only just realised is like “Sea Air” Genius! I’ll try my best on this one, so lets see what gives on a thursday evening at 9;52.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Of course there should be gradual steps.

This, the last beach on Earth not covered in plastic and overun by “Lookie lookie men”, would make the perfect showpiece for the resort.

The rest of the Andamans were fucked and since those fucking missionaries had tried to preach the gospel to the North Sentilenese wiping them out with a cold, well, things had turned out pretty well for Bezos, the only man with enough money left to buy such a place.

No one would come, what was left of the ragged population were killing each other for a piece of rump.

And thats how i’m felling! Snap out of it, 100 words written in 8 minutes.


  1. It’s so easy to allow ourselves to remain in that slump. Much harder to try and see that there will be light again. And Bezos may have the beach to himself for a loooong time…

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  2. What a glum day. let me cheer you up. I read that the last person, an American anthropologist, who arrogantly went ashore on one of the Andaman Islands was met on the beach by the natives. They killed him.
    I mean what didn’t he understand about the term – No Visitors


  3. Bleak. A hopeless feeling. So I looked up at my front room picture window, and saw beautiful blue sky; a soft green fur of buds on some trees, and the warmth of the sun melting the last of the snow. Not all is lost.

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  4. Dear Shrawley,

    I’m in something of a writing slump myself. I hope things cheer up soon. Perhaps it’s not a good time to invest in beachfront property. 😉




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