When you’ve got to go…

A new prompt! A new Prompt!

This time Sadje, from Keeping it Alive has created the What do you See? prompt, a photo inviting us to, well, you get the picture, and here is the picture…

“God, these photocopying and printing shops! What takes them so damn long?”

She’d been waiting for ages,  and what some may have thought was a sultry pose, was actually an effort to not listen to the dripping pipe behind her, Christ she needed a wee, but she didn’t have any 20p’s and the chap who had just gone in was making wretched noises; she could hear him from across the street.

The operative wearing a branded t-shirt and matching hat with really far too short denim shorts and crocs, poked his head out of the front door which rang a really loud bell, and he shouted a little to loud to her,

“We’re out of Magenta and Cyan, just give me a few minutes”

She turned towards him, frowned and looked across the street to the toilet cubicle as the door creaked closed and the fat pink man walked away adjusting himself, wiping his nose with his sleeve…


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