Garden? Well maybe so…

What have I been upto? Arguing and getting myself tied up in mental developer knots, needlessly brought on by unscrupulous lying bastard house builders and the folk who proclaim to be, and so Ive felt my Mojo disappearing across the valley from our garden over towards Bromyard. The feeling of and the actual space that this property and specifically our garden affords us is truly wonderful, but the insistence of the developers that they “will sort it” day after day after day had really ground me down, to the point of nearly openly weeping in front of the person who supervised the building of this place, desperate to see some truthful action. So when 10 tons of top soil arrived in mucky bags on our front garden in the middle of a fucking gale on Tuesday just after shouting at the head developer, who has an knack of making me think that everything is my fault, I thought all my christmases had come at once and was willing to barrow the soil round to the back and rake the garden myself if it would take me all weekend. Well listeners, these last two days have seen two blokes shuffling back and forth, back and forth to create enormous mole hills all over the garden and then rake them all out filling in the massive potholes and tyre tracks which existed in our “lawn” or rather mud pit with successfully germinated grass seed. 

Its a bloody miracle, we may still have a garden we can kick a ball around in come summer time. 

Heres to Nelly, God save the Queen and her massively Racist family.


  1. I feel for you (having experienced the bad, myself, with builders), everything you said in sadness and gladness (congratulations being in order)!

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