Friday Fictioneers: Dripping Trees

Christ what a week so far, work was rubbish, the developers on our site are rubbish, the saviung grace is Rochelle and her band of followers who must adhere to the rules to write a story of 100 words with a beginning, middle and end based on this picture taken by Liz Young, Good one Liz! Without further ado;

On My Marks…

Get Set…


“So as you can see” said the once eminent and now discredited scientist, “trees are created from the top down, dripping like wax from gathered bolus of organic matter floating and colliding in the wind currents, falling ooze-like and explaining their propensity to grow westwards due to the prevailing Siberian winds littered with Pripyat poison”

The man looked upwards to the heavens, seeing the scintillation of the stars above and traced his finger from East to West, stopping close to the horizon.

“See the light there? Thats the crack in the Semi-Geodesic Dome.”

“Bollocks!” sighed the third man.

A chat between conspiracy theorists and all in 100 words.


  1. the third man.. long may he live and Rochelle too.. apart from the week of developers etc that was .. are u Ok? what about injections ?


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