I’ve had some good news in that I had the first dose of the Astro Z of the vaccine on Saturday, felt ok, in fact overwhelmed and overcome with emotion, that I am now part of the healing process, a very small cog in the biggest wheel possible; the human race. The idea to vaccinate everyone on Earth now seems a huge ask, this is what I thought as I waved thanks to the NHS and the HI-Vis volunteers manning the needles and the car parking respectively. Happy but fully aware that the task going forward is Herculean.

The bad news?

The Vaccine come down mixed with the cloak of darkness which seems to inundate my working day. It’ll pass I know, but it seems to me from speaking to work mates that this is not an isolated incident. My company is run by vampires translucent enough to see the evil thoughts being developed in their jam jar brains. Imagine a manager, who has 4 managers under him. He seems to have employed a ragtag bunch of Yes-Men (I say Men because he wouldn’t employ a woman, not in that capacity) One underling is a sadist with a napoleonic Complex, another a washed out wimp of a man, incapable of towing anything but the party line, the third an ex military who he thought he could rely on to be an ally, turns out he has empathy for the staff like myself, and tried to change the status quo, he’s moved on now. The forth is a good man, he’s only stayed this long because he lives nearby and is probably nearing retirement, counting the days. If you speak up, then you’re out, if you try and change things for the better, the same. Its really sad, and as I set off to work this morning I felt like I was wasting my time, and this is just as the sun has started to shine, and the days lengthen. 

I’ll weather this particular storm, i’m not going to change for this imbecile but I also feel like they have me by the balls because like Red in the Shawshank redemption, I’m institutionalised!

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