Wretched Anniversary: 1 year.

Had a chat with my new boss today, and I agreed to work but secretly I have agreed with myself not to over do things due to my constant complaining and swearing on this platform. My job is taking oer my life and its about tinme that my life took over my job. A job which I used to enjoy, and still do but the running of the show is being taken over by a myriad of massive idiots who only care about their pension and retiring in a few years. Which of course is my dream too; the difference being i’m not willing to shit on people below me to improve my lot after I leave. Imagine being that shallow and that callous.

It is with this post that I intend to try to stop complaining and get back to where I was Flash Fiction wise. Writing for fun rather than catharsis from the powers that be. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all live on an island and live on fish and coconuts etc, etc?  I’m pretty sure that won’t happen so maybe its time to grab what little positivity there is and run with it, on a daily basis. That A-Z challenge thing is an idea, that’s in April which is soon and i’m sure I can find something good in everyday in April and try not to give the impression of being some cantankerous old fool in the making. I don’t have the armchair for that just yet; we’ve bought contemporary lights for Christ’s sake, I’m not even 50 yet. 

So in this hideous Anniversary of 1 year since the first lockdown and B.Johnson (Eton) started on his indiscriminate purge of the care homes and The North; Fuck Wales and the rest of them, we remember the 126,000 people who have died as a result of this awful virus and the shambolic leadership, votes not people. And while we’re at it, get rid of Mogg, wretched man. We’re hoping for a rainbow at the end of this storm, a biscuit or packet of crisps somewhere in the empty kitchen, an unopened can of lager or a cigarette in the  house after the party. We search for light, are light sensitive. 1 year ago we had just returned form a wonderful holiday to Morocco to celebrate Mrs T’s significant Birthday, I hope we can go there again soon.


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