Friday Fictioneers: Too Much Tea.

Christ, I’m being Micro-managed, a substantial change since 3 weeks ago I wasn’t I wish this man would leave me alone to do my job and stop trying to catch me out. Thank God for folk like Rochelle, a strong member of the WordPress community, keeping us all in check but letting us do our own thang. Which is of course what everyone must do anyway, and it is what I’m about to do now at 10:26pm on Wednesday, at the kitchen table. So i’d best get my thinking pyjamas on as I aim to be inspired by a splendid photo from the superstar who is, Dale Rogerson; nice symmetry in the shot, I approve.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


All day he’d spent at the laptop, he could have moved it somewhere but he couldn’t move, being hardwired into the printer.

Driving to his folks from work for the weekend; seemed like a great idea until the snow fell. 60 miles at 10mph? Maybe, there’s only so many times he could stand his Mum notifying him of an email after the email announced itself.

Standing outside smoking in the streetlight (they never mentioned it) he exhaled heavily.

“Cup of Tea?” his Mum Inquisitively Chimed, absorbed by the snowfall.

So much tea; his piss like PG-Tips, and revolver throbbing in his pocket.

100 words about being trapped, this wasn’t planned but then they never are and its what came out. Hope you like.


  1. Haha it reminds me when we use to visit my grandmother interstate. Everyday was drinking coffee after coffee. We all wish we had a revolver, put us out of our misery. But hey at least the family bonded over it. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Dear Shrawley,

    Ah, the parent child relationship. It seems no matter how old we get, our parents are still our parents, aren’t they? I hope he doesn’t do anything drastic.




  3. Yep, when the plot starts to flounder, give the guy a gun .

    I think Raymond Chandler’s advice was along those lines – have someone walk in with a gun.

    In many ways I am glad we have very strict laws about guns in this country; or else the bodies would be piling up.


  4. I wouldn’t have known what PG Tips were if I hadn’t been to England a couple of times and learned to enjoy tea brewed in a proper pot, leaves not bags, and so on. I have gathered quite a wonderful assortment of teas since then, and have noticed how the grocery stores in the USA have catered to those many of us who enjoy good tea.

    Anyway, I do hope he’s not going to shoot his mum. Maybe he should have just stayed away!

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  5. I drink both coffee and tea. Chinese tea trim my body fat. Coffee keep me awake in the morning especially. Strict gun control law is good, in Singapore using a fire arm will face capital punishment if you are not the police or licensed security guard. Because of this strict gun control rule, there was very few indeed none of the crime committed in the past years involving fire arm. Thanks to the government. Good bye and take care. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Ž

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