Shaking up the Farmers.

Roaming around the bleak hills of North Clifton recently with my eyes wide open has brought several  things to my attention:

Firstly the dog walkers like to keep their dogs on the leads when they see other dogs approaching, where I walk it isn’t so much of an issue as I’ve only seen a handful in my 3 months here, but there seems to be a mistrust of the walkers. I’m keeping an eye on this and will be sure to notify you of any change with Spring in the air and summer deceptively around the corner. 

Secondly, there seems to be a latent bloodlust amongst the hedgerows and down the footpaths, i’ve seen bullets and call me crazy but i’ve heard rumours that birds, namely pheasants are being reared in huge numbers in order to set them free and Kill them…The Siskins and the Pigeons have told me in their distinctive twittering and so I’m trying to come up with a method to catch these cold blooded killers without offending the country folk, I’m not here to make enemies, namely to infiltrate the shoot and try and locate the Mr Big of the pheasant rearing brotherhood. I’m sure it will endear me to the farmers.

Aside from this nonsense the ace news today, aside from not being contacted by my boss since at least thursday last week, is that we are now (in England) allowed to meet 6 people in our garden or somebody else’s garden permissions granted of course. So this weekend I intend to do just that. My friend who I shall call “P” to preserve his anonymity has decided to build a pergola in his garden, I hope to help out and possibly learn some new transferable skills and thus save some dosh. 

After 3 months of complaining about our electricity meter box and the fact that it was a broken box and why can’t we have a complete box has finally paid off, we have a complete box. Fitted by a contractor pulled from another job to do this job and the other 48 jobs on this site alone, to get the new houses up to scratch. He was so cross this morning when I spoke to him and it was barely 8am, this site does that to a man; do things properly first time round would be my advice. The landscaping of the site seems to be the next priority, with an emphasis on trees, i’m hoping for a Rowan and a Field Maple in my back garden which are on the plans, but i’m not holding my breath. 

There will be more information to follow over the coming weeks I’m sure but tomorrow i’ll give tips on how to avoid being spoken to by an evil boss which may be trying to rule over you.

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