What Do You See?

Done this before a couple of times What do you see? on Sadje’s  fantastic blog, the first thing that came to my mind was this…

“97 elephants, 98 elephants, 99 elephants, 100 elephants. OK Coming ready or not”

Di opened her eyes and adjusted to the dusky darkness, it was still really hot, it was still really sandy and there was still only their tent and the small bush behind which is where Chris had hidden last night, the night before that and the night before that. 

Barely concealed by the scrub like branches Chris’ red top hadn’t aided the hiding process which hadn’t improved at all since they’d been playing this game. 

“I can see you Chris, you’re behind the bush, again.” 

Maybe it was time to move on to somewhere with more than 2 hiding places if they were to challenge for the Hide and Seek World Title.


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