Friday Fictioneers: Gingerdead Men

Started on Thursday, got delayed as is more normally the case, and so now its Good Friday, which is really good bvecause we don’t have to work Woo Hoo! Thanks Rochelle fopr keeping this bird in the air and thanks Jennifer Pendergast for a fantastic photo, lets see what darkness I can pull out of this one!!

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Unlike any Masterchef I’d ever seen.

My family were gathered for the reading of the will, amongst much consternation as to how the estate was to be divided up.

Aunt Daisy loved me until I married “that awful woman”. She’d said Leicester wasn’t the same since they moved in, so I figured the stakes were pretty high.

The family gathered in the hotel conference suite, idle chatter, but deep suspicion towards our own relatives, some really close; until Daisy died.

So I’d prepared some personalised gingerbread for everyone, even the dog. 

It would be the last thing they ever ate.

There we go, sorry I’m late, but holidays etc, 100 words on the nose about an awful event about to occur.



  1. Dear Shrawley,

    The possibility of a large sums of money can certainly bring out the worst in families. It does seem that suspicions just might be raised against the MC since he’s the only one who didn’t succumb to cookie poisoning. 😉 Good one.



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      • I’ll let you in on a little secret. When I first took the helm of Good Ship FF, I did read everybody’s story and left comments. After a while it became apparent there are a those who don’t reciprocated. We have some writers who never comment on anyone’s stories and those who never comment on mine. Therefore I return the “favor.”

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  2. My mom had entrusted the solicitor for a one third share. However, I am not appointed and signed the form as an executor. I am wondering if I will get any share of her estate when she pass away. I have a feeling that my brothers were cheating on me. They have not invited me to sign the form as an executor. Hopefully, I will be able to have a share of the pie, if not I will be very poor when I am old. Good day Mr Uncle. 🐶🦢🛩


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