Awful Scenes from the folk “In Charge”

Far from it from the people in charge to prevaricate and tell us lies, bend the truth, take us all for suckers, which of course we are if you’re looking down on us all from your ivory towers. Towers where everyone has a million units, be they euros, pounds or dollars. Doesn’t matter they’re all showing themselves up to be what the fuckers they are in this pandemic. Where there’s money to be made as a result of someones misery then you can be rest assured the ruling classes wil do it with a sneer on their face. Just like all of the Tory party leaders, day after day, scandal after scandal erupts but “we acted within the bounds of the law” and so all you fuckers who don’t have the facility to act that way, can get fucked, quite frankly. The government is a sewer now, more than ever and we (you) continue to vote for them because “He’s quite a character”  Thats my Mum’s rationale, and the fact that she’s losing her marbles, and the fact that she equates change with the 4 day working week, rather than the far more important alteration of the flavour of Pickled Onion Monster Munch which lost them the pickled onion crown to Space Raisers, who, in my book, have retained the title since the POMMs debacle. 

The days of the scrawl of a careless “TONY ’94 BUZZIN” in a cave at Alderley Edge seem a far cry from the blatant “I’m going to Fuck you all” from the Tories these days with no recourse for any acceptance of responsibility on their part has the result of focusing the mind. This country is damned, the premier league is going to be destroyed and the people with money can all retreat to their ivory towers whilst the cities burn below them, and they watch the citizens starve.

Shame on you, you bloody government bastards. If there was a God (which there isn’t) and if there was any justice (which there isn’t) then we’ed all be in a bath of Herefordshire Pale Ale every morning, but we aren’t and as a consequence we have to pay through the nose for a bath of H2O, which comes from the sky. You bastards the water is ours.


  1. We haven’t voted Tory in Scotland for decades & yet we’re stuck being told what to do by the shower of shite in Westminster. I can’t believe that people still vote for them with the blatant corruption. My mum’s a tory voter & it’s amazing to hear her trotting out UKGOV bullshit that she’s heard from the press (otherwise known as the Westminster propogander mill) whenever I point out the failings of those she votes for 😩


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