EX-Pats? I’d rather you didn’t touch us.

Such is the encephalopathy of pretty much everyone in any sort of charge in these final years before eternity of the age of Covid, the chances of returning to normal are slim. All I want to do is play Golf in Portugal with some racist ex-pats (immigrants) who tell me again and again that this isn’t what they voted for, this wasn’t the Brexit they voted for. The news is, that it is the Brexit they voted for and collectively, like a bunch of wretched meat eating sharp teethed sheep they have managed, en masse to ruin everything for us all, even the golf players, blessed are the golf players fore they shall see their blah blah whatever.

So we are left with the limited ambit, of Little Britain, a nation of Flag Wavers, and we all know once we start to wave flags, nationalism and what follows, follows. So put away your flags you idiots, stop complaining about having to leave Spain, because you voted for it, ironically to leave. Maybe you didn’t read the small print, or indeed any of the print, you knobheads, as long as a Tory with a wicked sense of humour and a Bus tells you to go then do it!

Yes sir, How shall we fuck off sir?

And maybe think a little bit about how you’ve fucked everything up for my Daughter and my Son by stranding us in the middle of the sea, with ` a Prime Minister who has the look of a posh tramp, surrounded by men and women who say yes to a chap who is driving full throttle into the middle of a black hole, whilst lining their pockets with gold as the temple collapses. We’ve seen it all before, tyrants and bastards will come and fail, but the common folk (us dear reader) will always remain, to complain about your shitty reign (poetry folks)

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