Sunni Delight

I can’t tell you how much I abhor seeing the Matt Black Range Rover turn left into the close, its Sunni with the disposition of Satan increasingly as he flounders to get the final properties on the estate sold.  Our neighbour has really fallen out with Sunni, and has handed the reins to his wife, I have done this and another neighbour too, the last neighbour has only been in a few weeks! Christ it took me a few months to grow tired of the empty promises and the end of the week let down boosted by the end of the week beers. The neighbour who has really fallen out has been checking out Companies House and a little deeper into the internet and has found that possibly Sunni may be in some sort of financial hot water, or short on cash to put it another way. This would account for his awful manner and lack of interest in providing any sort of welcome pack to the new occupants of the houses, I heard last week the welcoming pack for a mover in was “the key’s in the door”.

God knows what the state of some of the new houses are inside although there has been a flurry of workmen moving around the site from house to house in a random pattern like smoke particles under the microscope; Brownian Motion for all you retro science fans. Barry Cope, my science teacher when I was about 8 was demonstrating Brownian motion by swishing marbles around on a tea tray, to display the random movement, winding it up and getting quicker and louder and ultimately shooting marbles all over the room in random directions colliding with anything or anyone in their way. “This is Brownian Motion” he said wiping the spittle from his beard on the back of his tweed arm, his lab coat rolled up over the tweed sleeve to prevent this type of thing.

So as Sunni swans around, his £50k watch burning a hole in his already threadbare pockets and his Range Rover weighing heavily on the company accounts, really one of the first things to go. His demeanour, the antithesis of his complete lack of ascetic, from what we know, it may be not so long before he has to make changes to the way things are configured, but maybe it won’t. But its telling that as the patience of the occupants fails, and the lack of prioritising with regards to chronology of complaint, age discrimination or nature of issue which needs sorting, Sunni seems to be absent more and more, and despite telling us his phone is always available, id be willing to gamble that he’s not answering any calls anytime soon, at least not from me, or any of the guys in our little corner.

So if Jeff Bezos is reading, (I think he’s a fan) then maybe he could sub Sunni from “*** Homes” a few quid, and we could all get back on track? 

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