Friday Fictioneers: “Yay for the Ice Age!”

Despite the best of intentions, I have failed to get the damn story written soon enough,I had a whole day at home working today and managed to nod off at my lap top around 2pm for a catnap, felt worse after it and so I’ll see how we go in a few minutes, thanks to Rochelle for being patient with us all (I mean me really) and not throwing us out of the class. And thanks to the wonderful Dale Rogerson for the photo, looks like a bit of a nightmare to be honest.

Thinking cap on,

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Comforting to think that plastic chairs hadn’t changed much since the ice-caps melted in the great thaw, the only improvement being the colour; Royal-Blue was slower to fade under the acidic seawater.

Houses not equipped for subaquatic life flooded and were colonised by barnacles, coral proliferated and died back after the rats fled to higher ground and ate the sea birds, stopping vital nutrient transfer.

The Katla Eruption blocked out the sun in the North; poles were beginning  to refreeze, and finally the waters were starting to subside. 

“Every Cloud”, thought a sodden Ken, as he prepared for his date

So 100 words crafted with love and care on the end of the apocalypse and the beginning of a new ice age. Enjoy!


  1. Preparing to go on a date in the midst of this situation would be an extremely optimistic thing to do, but probably a necessary thing as well. A bleak but hopeful tale. 🌷


  2. What a great take, Shrawls! They are a cool colour, aren’t they? Despite the fact they’re plastic, of course. Probably why the buggers stole them right of a woman’s property (which, thanks to my sharing the photo, she was able to retrieve!)

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