The Abstinence Blues

Short of finding a hamper full of Hazy IPAs and Chilli peanuts on my doorstep, I think I’ll remain in this lull of poor health I seem to have entered into since I put down the electronic smoking contraption on Sunday Night. Into my 4th day of no nicotine and no strawberry and watermelon flavoured mystery potion sucked deep into my lungs.

Do I feel different? A little.

Is it a nice feeling? Weirdly I don’t think I miss it much but I do feel the need to gorge myself on junk, crisps, bread, sweet things. The only goodness which I’ll stick to is fizzy water, that has been a constant lunch companion for pretty much the last 22 years at this company I find my self trapped into, institutionalised some might say, well me; I might say.

It is curious to me that since I have stuck the vaping machine in the rear seat pocket of my car, no juice and no electric, that I have been suffering from Hay fever, a massively blocked nose, meaning i’m having to breathe through my mouth, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. I’m entirely undecided, I’m sleeping pretty well, all the way through too, which if you’re as old as me then you’ll understand, and if not then you’ll understand when you reach this milestone, 49 and 1/2 if you’re asking. I got up early, as per usual, had tea, took my daughter to the bus stop, logged on, came back upstairs and fell asleep, my head heavy and my eyes scorched by the light. I’d have had the day off were my boss not such a shit, and having to ask him would prompt him to look down on me, from a chair which he’d have to stand on in order to do so. These sort of things are kept in an online naughty list I should imagine, forget about the good stuff, his reign is by knocking you down. Anyway, I forced myself out and did my thing, met some nice folk on a barn conversion site and the sun was out, the view splendid and so I had nothing to complain about. But very nearly fell asleep in the car on the way home, then fell asleep on the bed when I did get home and then was dragged out for a run, which I appreciated; you’ve got to start somewhere right? 

So lets see what gives, I’ll continue to exercise, i’ll continue to breathe in the pollen riddled air and reject the perfumed children’s sweet Vapours, and by the weekend we’ll see where we are. Hopefully the thick headedness will just leave me to it. 


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