FOTD: Old Man’s Skin

Once again I’ve been useless in my posting of living things, namely Flowers, or in my parallel universe Fungus, which I have form in doing and damn the rules, theyre there to be slightly bent. This ones an absolute cracker if I do say so myself, its fungus I should imagine and its appearance is enough for me to want to avoid eating it and so i’d like to wish a hearty slap on the back to today’s FOTD (Fungus of the Day). And i’m tempted to call this feature:

“What the Fungi” and get someone relatively past it to present it on Telly in an effort to resurrect their career in an ironic fashion.

If anyone can tell me what this is then i’ll take them out for 2 pints of Butty Bach, if you meet me at the Lion on Saturday at 4pm, i’ll be under the shelter at the back…


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