Friday Fictioneers: Food Fraud

Rochelle, the Queen of getting people together and keeping them that way, well its another week and apart from a new bicycle for my son not much else has changed apart from the managers have given themselves a pay rise for putting us in danger during the pandemic; Sweet. So lets crack on with the important things and writing a piece of flash fiction in 100 words or less, based on the photo below taken by Lord Roger of Bultot, i’m assuming it is in Eastern Asia, forgive my ignorance if i’m wrong but thats where i’m basing my story, the specifics will be revealed.

So best get going,

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The comings and goings from the restaurant were under surveillance, from a spacious but surprisingly empty flat above a fishmongers.

Days had passed, the restaurant remained closed, the stakeout team were tense and exhausted; breathing through their mouths for 4 days had taken its toll, arguments every morning over snoring.

Tempers frayed, and as yet not a sniff… Until today.

Suspect in nylon trousers and a green polo shirt.


The team ran downstairs burst out the front door and across the road, accosting him.

“We have reason to believe… Sir… those photos of that food are NOT from this restaurant”

There we are 100 words on the, quite frankly, disturbing problem of restaurants putting library photos of food outside their establishments. If at all possible avoid these type of places.


  1. I liked that story. I love how you show us what a cad the villain is with your description of him! “Suspect in nylon trousers and a green polo shirt.“
    I must confess though that when I’ve been in the Far East, I’ve appreciated having pictures of the food – it can save an expensive mistake!


  2. I rarely get to eat Oriental food because my husband isn’t a fan. So I appreciate the pics, which make choosing a lot easier. But I sure wouldn’t be happy thinking I’d ordered shrimp and ended up with squid:)


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