WDYS: Murder Maths.

In today’s or sometime before or maybe a little after What Do You See? prompt/competition posted by Sadje is an interesting picture taken by Victoria Strukovskaya, as it says just below! So my job is to be inspired by this photo, which is what I’m doing right now… Being inspired, thinking caps on…


Vinny Diagram had been scrawling on walls for as long as he could remember, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, X&Y Axies, Matrices, Simultaneous Equations, but no one got it. No one understood. As soon as they appeared, usually in harmless water based paints; easy to wash off, they were washed off, usually by some poor kid on community service, a welcome break perhaps from collecting the dog shit bags from the hedgerows around town.

But now he really thought he’d cracked it, he’d reached the zenith of his artform. The idea came to him in a flash of inspiration (much like this photo prompt) and so he got cracking. This town was full of simpletons and so he would try to appeal to their bass intelligence, their position on the evolutionary ladder significantly lower than where he sat. He would wage his one man war of mathematical graffiti around the town, but with sums that the stupid folk could understand. It would be his plume of a swagger, and a nod to the sheriff’s department who had one eye on the unsolved 22 murders from the last few decades.

He craved the recognition, he craved the attention, maybe number 23 would be different…


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