Eat the Door-frames

I swear I’m that fucking close to spilling the beans on who I work for, the bastards have decided to refuse us a bonus this year despite being out there doing our thang when all around us crumbled and we helped in a massive way to reach our target to please our masters while they put us to work to keep them selves in the money. Putting us in the face of danger to preserve their integrity in the eyes of their overlords. Making hay while the sun burns and the sky falls is what they like most.

Well if we remove the folk at the top who seem to have created a club  for the boys and the girls, forcing us to have electric cars while the head of HR keeps her 3 litre juggernaut due to family reasons. Fuck our family, we don’t really matter where there’s dosh to be made. How dare they, how can they, what sort of a person puts their staff at risk while they sit at home in their piss stained pyjamas and a polo shirt telling us how wonderful we are, whilst metaphorically wanking their fragile egos and congratulating each other on securing another 5,7,10n years of bullshit so they can fluff up their pensions as we spit towards the sky, and contemplate being under the regime for another 19 years, under more pressure to make sure they are looked after when they retire to the sun at 60. Mark my words if I see any of these fuckers in Spain when I retire there I’ll smash their head in with a fine chunk of agate, and throw their souls into the blender on the banks of the Styx with the hope they’ll stay there.

This exploitation of the workers seems to be as a consequence of or maybe a coincidence due to the rowdy and lawless approach to running the country the Tories have in recent months and years during Brexit and the Pandemic. Decency in politics has long gone, the country is run by a bunch of bastard pigs with their snouts far too far in the trough which is syphoning the country’s wealth in to the pockets of the really rich elite who wish to preserve their wretched limited gene pool as the world scorches around them, surviving in a future of genetic fuck ups and horrific mutations before having their eyes pecked out by the jackdaws who have by then managed to eat the seals from our bifold doors. They didn’t survive much longer.  

And Leicester lost, which is shite.


  1. Somehow like doesn’t seem appropriate. I am so sorry. I have been talking to people about putting up tiny houses for veterans and single moms and elders pushed out of their rentals by spiraling costs. We seem to have a rich headlock on building to lock those people out, out of greed and fear. I want to fight this, but get over pneumonia first.

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