Friday Fictioneers: Aqua Leicester

Started this last night, got back to it tonight; a familiar story i’m afraid Rochelle. Focus. I need to Focus, especially if I’m to be a world famous inventor, which i’ll start being tomorrow. Photo this week is from Na’ama Yehuda, which I think may well be taken just down the road from the twin bridges over the River Soar in Leicester. Nice shot. Right i’d best get cracking.

On My Marks…

Get Set…



When IC22397 Calved away from the Larsen-C Ice-shelf, floated off and melted into the ocean, sea levels rose by 57cm according to Boffins.

The pandemic was into its third decade and Antarctica was now on the green list of Holiday Destinations, the Southern Aurora and the chance to get a sun-bed on the beaches was a real draw for NOzone fans, whose leathery skin tingled under the cancerous rays.

Leicester was flooded, the Soar engulfing the Kingpower stadium which now hosted gladiatorial sea battles under the watchful eye of Gary Lineker’s eye, apparently kept alive in a jar, apparently winking with delight.

100 words on the meteoric decline of civilisation because of who we are and what we do. American readers may have to google stuff! Enjoy


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