Nothing to See Here

Its been a while playmates, my mojos been a bit off the boil of late, the covid news from yesterdays press conference, which I didn’t watch incidentally, I can’t stand to see the man in charge, being in charge, he’s a Shambolic man and I don’t get why so many people keep on voting him in. My Mum thinks he’s got a really good sense of humour, she votes for him; maybe thats what everyone else does. Bunch of Chuckleheads. So yes the news which we all knew anyway but I think for the first time yesterday the Chief medical officer lade it out plain for everyone to see and understand: This crap virus will be with us for ever, we will have to live with it for ever. For Ever; those were the two words I took out of that particular press conference. Lets hope they can build a new royal yacht in time so the royals have the opportunity to have a private cruise rather than squeezing in with the rest of the super spreaders on the cruise ships world wide. We need to be able to speculate on what clothes they may wear, what sex child they are going to have and what she thinks of him, etc etc.

So in short I am sorry I can not be any more spruiker at this  juncture but odds are we’re all doomed. Abandon hope all who visit “The Range” or “Primark” for you shall inherit some awful respiratory disease, or maybe not, depending on if you’re dumb enough to refuse the vaccine. But then that’s your perogative innit? 

These last few weeks i’ve been enjoying short spells of sun, I’ve been arguing with the developers (some of you may be familiar with my woes and some may be familiar with the woes of moving into a new build),We’ve had an amazing patio built which My Mum insists on calling a terrace, its not but i’ll humour her, but she won’t be able to hear and so the whole shebang will get lost in translation. It was Mrs T’s and  mine anniversary last weekend so we spent it at a farmers market, eating food in the pub at great expense the kids really didn’t want to eat, my friend gave me 2 tickets to the Hill Climb near us, Shelsley Walsh (oldest in the world I think)I hate cars, but when you look down from the top of the hill down into a rolling valley the sight of about 200 E-type Jags glistening and scintillating in the Scorchio June sun, I guess, is pretty amazing.


So I narrowly avoided insulting our new neighbours when they came to look at their house last weekend, I was looking menacing holding a mallet after trying and failing to hammer a new whirligig clothes dryer into the ground. I think our house must be built on kryptonite or at least clay, it’s really hard. Clay is my Kryptonite, clay is my nemesis. They told me they were moving in a week on tuesday and it took all my will power and all my tact to not say to them 

“C U Next Tuesday”

You see what i’m up against, my mind runs away and often does things it shouldn’t its taken nearly 50 years to tame this fella.


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