Comme Ci, Comme Ca.

I’m getting fatter, because of my son’s good intentions to save my fucking life. Not that I think you can die from Vaping, but then, who knows? It’s like an alien species, no one knows what the bad things will do, if the bad things manifest themselves anywhere and anyway.

No he told me to stop it because I looked like a wanker (but in the language of a 12 year old) which was probably

“I’d rather you didn’t kill your self you idiot”

Or translated to the language of a 49 year old can be read as


And i’ve got fatter, and the food companies keep delivering the meals, food divided into bits to eat which is actually food rather than edible chemicals. And I keep eating loads, and one day it’ll drop off, but until then I’ll blame everyone else.

So I stopped. And i feel marginally better for it, but still need to stop the pop, thats the issue now, swings and roundabouts eh?


  1. I’m not always nice when trying to save someone else either for some reason. He was probably going for that shock factor to get you to quit. But he should support you in the aftermath ๐Ÿ˜ 

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