Diagnosis? Mole…

Standing in a toilet block on site, salty sweat dripping down my forehead stinging into my eyes from the leatherette helmet innards, I wipe my eyes but only succeed in smearing the glasses with my dusty sun creamed hands. I’m exhausted, Ive been on site 2 hours and the incessant heat and the sun sedate me. I’m not too good at working in this heat, I get the job done super quick but the lack of useable water fountains because of the Plague and the lack of any sort of shade doing what I do is tough, my car, with water, is always a distance from where i’m working and to break what I’m doing just adds precious time to my task.

Get in, Get on and Fuck off, that’s my working motto, no one seems to give two hoots about my department these days, we work for the most part outside, then home to complete the job on the computer and today we recieved an email telling us how best to cope with this heat, most of it addresses avoiding the heat, or trying to get in the shade or closing the windows, opening them, getting a fan, etc etc, all indoor stuff. So as I stand in the site toilets, I take my helmet and glasses off and douse my face and head with multiple hand-fulls of cold water, non drinkable, shaking my head like a dog, the salty stinging sensation in my eyes soothed by the everso slightly earthy water which comes slowly from the tap. I look up and regard the poster on the wall about dehydration, my piss the colour of Tango, warrants plugging down a shit ;load of the good stuff, back at the car. There’s a poster about skin cancer too, and having self diagnosed my own itchy mole over the weekend I decided i’d better call the Quack. 

Back in the car I tried to take a selfie of a mole I can not see unless through a mirror, I tried to take a focused shot using a 2p, I tried and just about managed. The doctor would then diagnose me by looking at a grainy photo of an itchy mole which spends much of its time in the sun, she advised me to put on E45 cream, which in fairness has stopped the itch. But I think i’m going to ask to be seen; just because Covid is surging, i’m sure i’ll be happy to isolate, to mask up, to sanitise, whatever, but I think its wise, and its probably my right to have an appointment.

Night night playmates

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