Friday Fictioneers: Battered

New Boss, new routine, thisngs can operate at a slightly funkier pace right now, the weather doesnt help to be fair, its so damn hot! So thanks to Rochelle for being a welcoming Oasis in this Desert of Blogland. Rehydrate to survive people and if your wee looks like Tango, you’re in trouble. Thanks to Na’ama Yehuda for the typically seasonal photo, i’ll see what I can muster.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


It was cracking the flags out there, and they were knocking back the Beers peppered with hits of coke. Someone bought some Ketamine and it all went a bit crazy.

With no idea where they were, and no clue as to where they should be going they decided to clamber over the fence to a nice looking manicured patch of grass. There they lied mumbling into the gutter and marvelling at the reverberations.

Overnight the snow came; unusual but not impossible.

Dog urine cascaded into a snow blanket liberating the blue hardened flesh to the duck egg tinged morning light 

There we go, 100 words and a cautionary tale of this changeable weather and the dangers of mixing your drugs.


  1. Dear Shrawley,

    Very hot here, too. We’re chugging the water at our art fairs to avoid Tango colored wee. 😉 Thank you for the tip. Vivid images in your little cautionary tale. The dog urine added local colour. 😀 And made me laugh.



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