Petri Dish

We’ve got 4 weeks, less so looking at the calendar before we go on holiday to Falmouth in Cornwall, we will be setting the alarm in the house so don’t you even fucking think about breaking in; the hounds will be hungry. There was a brief chat about grabbing a last minute unplanned spontaneous all inclusive week away in Rhodes, or Crete or some such. Its cheap, but in order to be exciting and spontaneous we have to plan some covid tests before hand, during and after the holiday, there’s also a very high chance in the next 4 weeks that one of us or all of us may catch the virus and as such would have to quarantine , thus losing the holiday, and will the insurance cover us and actually the thought of going on that type of holiday sounds absolutely dreadful not to mention very hard work, and will anything be open?

The way our government has opened up recently seems to be reflecting the herd immunity stance which they took right at the beginning of the awfulness, the cavalier attitude by which  they seem to be heading now is alarming, we are officially an experiment in how an incredibly virulent virus with its tendrils all over the country will cope if allowed to take its own course. Christ help us, as its now down to… ahem… us. The general public who stick flares up their arse before football matches and walk up and down streets shouting “You want some?” at no one in particular due to a deeply instilled feeling of its us against them (everyone in charge).

The damage the isolation, the see-sawing of rules and guidance given to us by our Cock Womble of a Prime minister is not yet known, but the whole world saw what happens to British people in Hot weather when lubricated with cheap cold pissy lager from Witherspoons before a major football match. So at the height of the football tournament with the weather at boiling point, the gates of freedom are opened and the whole country not so much breathes a sigh of relief but prepares to commit metaphorical Hari Kari by throwing all caution to the wind, all the goodness done in the last 18 months, “could” be undone by a moment of madness driven by a government with one policy and one alone, to reach herd immunity, and if you’re over 80, then thanks ,but you’ve had a good innings and now its probably time to slip off this mortal coil with a guttural whimper as the sword is removed.

So let’s see what happens on this petri dish we call England, because form where I’m stood, the infection map is running red.


  1. Well,that makes me feel much better,not, the Indian strain has gone rampant, we are in Lockdown again till the end of September. We are vaccinated but subject to testing if we sneeze. Police everywhere.


      • You may be right. Each day we are getting approximately 175 cases a day,in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Lockdown is extended to October. The app. Tracers and Qr. readers are picking up the locations of or locii of first infection within days. So far I have missed the Telephone call by a window of 2 days.

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  2. You guys and we too, the see-sawing of rules is annoying. Why tell us to stop with the masks just to need to tell us to wear them again later?

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