Rotten Britain.

I’m not a fan of Dominic Cummings, neither do I hate him, i’m just not a fan, he flouted the lockdown rules when all the rest of us were following them to the letter, or there abouts. Out in the countryside we were lucky, its like the virus just blew away. But last night I watched Laura K interview him, and to say it was explosive is an understatement, but not especially unexpected, it was hardly exceptional to see our colloquial Prime Minister remark with disbelief that first Dave was PM, George was Chancellor and now he had the top job, what a joke (his words). Wether you like or know the public school system or not he is a product of it, and he seems to have done rather well financially out of it, as those that want to can and do. I’m also a product of that system, my folks worked hard and thought it was right for me, or maybe it looked good for them, I know what I think, knowing my folks like I do. Its all about the outer layer darling, not whats inside, that’s to be kept locked tight and taken to the grave.

But over the whole hour long interview, in which Cummings answered truthfully and without much care for covering anything up, dare I say he answered pretty honestly. I’m not really worried about the trip to Northumberland and the driving to check his eyes, I am more concerned about the supposed facts that this prime minister and his cabinet ministers are largely toothless morons, without a plan and I’m so glad that someone close to the PM has come on to the tv and said so. It was hardly surprising to hear what Cummings told us, it was unbelievable that Laura K seemed totally unaware that this could be happening in front of our eyes, in plain sight, eyes wide shut, and I think that in my opinion it lessens Laura K’s grip on what is actually happening in Westminster. I’ve met people like Johnson, Cameron and Osbourne at my school and they fit the profile of hundreds of public school boys Britain over, spoilt, entitled and totally detached form any sort of reality, least of all the people who don’t go to the parties they frequent or to the restaurants they visit, at my school they were a bunch of cunts, and in the “school of Westminster” they still are, but with a huge amount more power to piss everyone else off.

Today alarmingly there doesn’t seem to be a thing on the BBC news about the BBC interview conducted last night by Laura K, the BBC political chief correspondent, its unfathomable to think what it hasn’t been covered at all. Christ when Emily Matliss interviewed Probable Definate Sweatless Royal Paedophile Prince Andrew, you couldn’t move in the papers for column feet about the interview; why not so about the Cummings interview and apparently what a Cock Womble of a PM we have, maybe its time to coalesce and join the paradise valley eco community which is trying to establish itself just across the other side of the valley from me, there’s probably more chance of the hippies getting planning permission for some temposry stick homes, which is viciously contested by the locals, than Johnson being tried for all the badness he’s done to this country.

I’m sick to death of the Tories and what they stand for; Welcome to Rotten Britain, we hope your children are born blind and bump into things.

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