Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Well, this is a first, thanks to Mr Fandango i’ve discovered a new challenge in the guise of Mindlovemisery’s photo challenge, so Hello, Mr or Mrs Mindlovemisery, lets see what I can come up with this time. Interesting photo by, i’m not really too sure, but please be aware that I’m not claiming credit for it! Scratch that, it may be @pixabay, in which case well done.

Soil had turned to dust after a century and a half of intensive livestock farming, and now the livestock were closer to deadstock, there was very little meat around save for the insects, the more tasty locust populations had fallen because of the lack of crops for them to strip and a certain section of society had literally no qualms over the procurement and preparation of Human Flesh. It was pretty obvious that we, as temporary custodians of Mother Earth, had got our selves into a bit of a pickle.

Flesh eating wasn’t for everyone and an ambitious science project to repopulate the planet’s dry deserts with green were underway on Greenland, which had lost its jacket of ice many many decades ago. The world seed bank in Svalbard had to be saved and relocated to Greenland because of the Climate migration tragedy and subsequent massacres in Scandinavia late in the last century.

Several hundred earth Scientists were trying to grow back the forgotten fauna lost in the recent Global history. Implanting seeds into the nutrient rich flesh of the human cheek was discovered as the most successful way to propagate lost plants. Rather unoriginally these human grow bags were called “Plant Propagators” but the global press saw them as Flower Children. It wasn’t for everyone of course, the lack of an abundance of any sort of pollen had led to a lessening of immunity to respiratory ailments, and whilst the watering eyes were useful for feeding the seedlings, the sneezing strengthened the plants stems, but Hayfever and asthma affecting the bronchioles was a problem the Scientists hadn’t banked on.

So until a massive Antihistamine lake could be discovered the fight to rekindle Gaia went on.

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