Friday Fictioneers: Delusional

Morning all, going for a record 3rd spot in the top 5 today, wish me luck, this new found freedom at work is working wonders for my mental wellbeing, aside from senior management with a bee in their bonnet due to their draconian management method and their obvious little man syndrome. Screw them thats what I say! Thanks Rochelle for all the organising you do, if you fancy a job here I’ll see what I can do! Thanks also Roger Bultot for the photo, intriguing, lets see what nonsense I can come up with…

On My Marks…

Get Set…



Aaron felt he would be first pick for management; double AA see. His Porcine eyes and dubious past, allegedly caught flashing by the A47 made him a man to trust as far as cancer.

Perfect management cannon fodder; easily manipulated, a spineless stupid “yes man” with an inability to realise his errors, delusional and pathetic, with an appalling taste in jumpers.

He believed he saw all, but was merely looking into his own shit-show, created on his watch, everything rotten going forward was of his doing. Soon it would be time, and he would vanish like all the others had  before him.

There we go, 100 words on poor management, my manger specifically!


  1. Dear Shrawley,

    Oh the trials and tribulations of employment. Look at you, being the early bird. 😉 Love it. No thanks on the job offer though. I’m enjoying my “retirement” which is busier than my years of employment, but I’m doing what I love.




  2. When did you meet one of my former bosses, eh? Ugh. A classic case of Peter’s Principle… They move up because, well because it’s their turn, not because they merit it.
    Well don, Sir!


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