Comment. But enjoy too.

Christ, why does no one comment anymore? Is my blog just right to give a thumbs up or a heart to? Tell me what I need to do? Work harder?  Or maybe its up to you lot to do more. 

I give good photos

I give good flowers (occasionally) 

I write pretty well, sometimes.

And i’m not trying to sell anything which is more than I can say for a lot of you fuckers.

Enjoy. I love you all apart from some of you, who really need to take a bloody hard look at yourselves, and I believe you know who you are, he said with a conspiritual wink to his friends and allies.  


  1. you bet
    maybe its up to you lot to do more…

    i am alive fit and grateful for your uplifting pictures!
    Whats more Dom, your “coal face commentary” reminding me sometimes of why county living is SLOW but perhaps suggesting values that go well beyond most peoples NORM of city living!

    Thankyou Dom!


  2. Good point, I wonder myself why people don’t leave comments especially when we have been slaving for hours to produce an amusing or informative post and the best you get is to click “like.” Perhaps it’s laziness or lack of time but I understand exactly what you mean, sadly I suppose in this day and age we have to consider clicking “like” as a positive reaction to our endeavours.


  3. lol – we’ve been told!!
    It’s tiredness! I go through my WP Reader after work when I am almost falling asleep. I read as much as I can and press like if I like the post….comments are rare from me nowadays.

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