Friday Fictioneers: Who’d have thought?

Goddam School holidays makes me forget myself and enjoy the sunshine far too much, plus it was my 13 year old’s birthday on tuesday and with there being a sleepover for 6 boys in the Bell tent in our garden, not much got done, writing wise, in fact nothing got done. But thanks to the ever present Wonderful Wednesday tick provided by Rochelle I’ve finally resigned myself being able to sleep soundly tonight with this weeks story written and posted in the next 30 minutes. Thanks also to Jen Pendergast who provided this unseasonal photograph for the time of year where I am. Anyway best get cracking.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


The thing  with politicians is they have been sticking their rotten barnacle covered oar into anywhere where they think there could be an opportunity to big themselves up. 

Everyone sees through it.

When sporting stars do it; for unselfish reasons, to provide charity where the government falls short, the politicians huff and puff, “Stick to Football…”

When Brexit happened, the experts said there would be empty supermarket shelves.

Brexiteer Politicians, their Sweaty Capillary mapped noses in the Political trough of pandemic contracts for friends and relatives, refuted

“There will; but only when hell freezes over”

Well, Guess What’s Happened.

There we are, 100 words on the gradual fracturing of the country we used to call Great. Your sons and daughters will not forgive you.


  1. You’re good at polemic, aren’t you? The trouble is that Brexit splits the nation down the middle. 50-50. Years after the referendum, nothing in that electoral split has changed. There was no significant majority for leaving, but there’s no significant majority for re-joining. Our elected government is there because people voted for them. No, I don’t understand why either, but we need to understand if we’re to change people’s minds.
    Their biggest failing – apart from egregious corruption – is not Brexit but the NHS. We spend less than most EU states as a percentage of GDP. Not surprisingly the service is falling apart. The Tories will then blame the problems on ‘inefficiency’ and copy the American health care system – which is not more efficient, quite the reverse. They spend double the fraction of GDP that we do, for a system of care which leaves out whole swathes of society.
    Give me strength.
    Sorry. Your story hit a nerve…


  2. Sometimes democracy is hard to endure. We have to, though: all of us, in Europe, too, where idiot politicians are to be found as well. I don’t know of a political system that would be better. Great rant, loved the line with the capillary map.


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