Truthful Tuesday

First time I’ve done this, and its all because of Mr Fandango, a man of impeccable tastes and so TruthfulTuesday probably seems a good thing to do, it being Tuesday, still but time is ticking away.

Truthful Tuesday

The Question

When you were in grade school, what did you want to be when you grew up? Were you right, or did you end up doing something else?

Right, first of all “Grade School” isn’t a thing in my life; my life being in No Longer Great and rather Mediocre Britain, and so I’m assuming this relates to when I was doing some school before university or some such, aged 18 and under, that’s the ticket.

So my hero was Thor Heyerdahl, second Jaques Cousteau, but really and honestly I wanted to be an explorer, which as life progressed and I studied evolution gradually evolved into anthropology and then social anthropology, because I like a drink. Then I turned 17, and was in the first eleven cricket team at my school. Everything was going swimmingly, for my path towards exploration and Ashes glory (in my mind) then I got a dose of the pox (chicken) missed the rest of the season, discovered girls and Trent Bitter and alas, didn’t become a paid anthropologist. 

I travelled extensively, which isn’t over, merely curtailed due to life and children, holidays are wonderful but living out of a rucksack is somehow much more intense. So yes I explore to a certain extent, I check folk out and like to think I have a pretty good angle on people, judging books by their covers. I’d like to say I am a psychiatrist or Psychologist but all i’ve got to offer is my life experience. 

Cutting to the chase, I’ve avoided a lifetime of footloose academia but have managed to get a job in a field I’m pretty fond of, the job is ok, the steer of the company; utter rubbish. Its a shame, but I’m pretty content, or am I institutionalised?


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