Friday Fictioneers: Cow Power

Not sure whats up with me, lethargic, directionless and depressed by the state of things since Brexit and Covid. The future looks bleak under this bunch of self serving egomaniacs who are in charge but only in name; they haven’t got a clue what they’re doing. Anyway sorry about missing last week, Rochelle, for the previous reasons. Well done and a gold star to Liz Young for this Golden Elevator in what is presumably a very snazzy hotel or conference centre. I’ll get my thinking cap on and…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


At the Annual Bovine Moo-ting, held in Moscow, in the HoneyMoo-n Suite, one of the items on the agenda was Climate Change.

Humans had Moo-ted that the Cloven Hooved Bovinaes may be more than partially responsible for the increasing temperatures due to their enormous fondness of Flatulence and Eructation. Their Porcine friends and the Ovis-Aries were also being held to account.

All this despite Homo-sapiens fondness for fizzy drinks, preserved meat, belching and farting themselves. 

The Irony wasn’t lost to the delegates of the lack of CO2 for packing meat, despite escalating atmospheric volumes.

“Keep on Farting Team” emphasised the Chaircow.  

There we are 100 words on my take of the state of the world with shortages of CO2 when there’s huge amounts being pumped into the atmosphere.


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