Puzzled and Isolated

 Another Day I might suggest that this reorganisation of my company, from the top downwards; the Top being the people who have never done a day of work doing what I do in my job, merely parachuted in from an anonymous amorphous androgynous company with suspect goals, brought in to get the deals but with out a thought as to how to fulfil the promises made in order to get the bounty from the deals made. 

My work friend and I talk everyday, in varying volumes and intensities of disbelief depending on what side of bed we got out of that very day. But the power we have over each other is to get each other wound up so as we are both shouting from the same riot agenda by the time we decide that we really must go and do some of this work, which is becoming gradually less and less important to us. In many ways this is what everyone yearns for all their life; a job which they can leave at the door whilst they get on with the things which really matter. 

The longer the company continues on its path of empowering its staff by taking away its control and ownership of certain geographical areas. The longer the company advertises for staff to “upgrade their prospects” while at the same time not upgrading their salary, by inserting a sentence in the job description mentioning something about an attention to detail and caring about the specification in a global company going forward, blah blah fucking blah. The less I feel inclined to put my hand up, jobs doing extra stuff are advertised internally because they can get the internal staff to do the job without having to pay them anything else under the pretext of it being good for their career. Well I’ll tell you one thing, Ive been here 22 years and now I’ve reached the ripe old age of 49, the prospect of working for another god knows how many years for this shower of shit fills me with dread. It never was this way, but they seem to have employed exactly the correct senior management team to suck all the fun and enjoyment out of the job like a fun leech, and the strategy team must live in a piss filled ball poo, and the strategy is to stop smelling of piss whilst staying in the ball pool fr days as the stench of piss intensifies.

One day I’ll wake up, it’ll all be a mad dream and i’ll be back in Gloucester, next to the incinerator.

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  1. Now that sounds like disgruntled to me Martin. I know just how you feel with “modern” management who care about how they look and not about how people feel. I was also happy in my job until various mergers and change of managers lead to my downfall. I hope it’s just another day of hope. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂


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