Bad Britain

Over the last few weeks and months, I think I’ve been feeling slightly depressed, possibly, or if not then my mood has been negatively affected by the news and the constant political bullshitting by our ruling classes. I am, of late, feeling personally taken advantage of by our government. I have spoken to friends about how I feel and the advice to try to avoid the news is what a large number of us are doing now, in an effort to black out what’s going down. My country is slowly imploding; rolling itself up into a screwed paper ball and throwing itself into the bin.

Empty shelves in the Supermarkets, Food Banks, Toilet Roll Shortages, No drivers, No Petrol or Diesel, Increases in Tax, Universal Credit cuts, Footballers influencing government policy because Government is rotten, Brexit, What a year, and how can folk still support this party of lying inglorious bastards. Britain has most definitely taken several steps backwards, back into the 80’s, and with the selfish government comes a selfish electorate, which makes for a pretty grim future of egomania and nastiness. And so with this I am planning to take a break from the news, as much as I can, but the problem is that the degradation is all around us. It took me 2 hours to find somewhere with petrol today, driving throughout the entirety of Worcester to limp back on a tank of fumes to find fuel at our local petrol station.

Look, I’m a pretty amenable chap, but this shambolic government who seems to rule on short term solutions, stumbling from one self created problem to another is now really getting my goat, and so with that I’m going to watch Match of the Day.


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