Friday Fictioneers: Save Yourselves

Another Wednesday, another meeting and more straw placed onto the company’s back. I’m hoping for it to snap if I’m honest, this is no way to go about things. Not so, however, the wonderful  Rochelle whose skill and judgements always ring true above this world of snaggletooths and true morons. No, this group of folk has integrity and Guile way above that of the company I work for. Great shot from the ever smart Dale Rogerson, so with thinking caps on, i’ll continue as normal…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


They watched construction from the receding lake edge, rooftops stripped to the eaves visible above the deathly stagnation of algae thick liquid.

Any fish had died after the rumbling underground started, shortly after the “Vulgarity of Opulence” stood up, visible from miles around, a Proclamation of Assurance; things will be fine, Don’t worry.

They had their doubts; cargo and Hummers were coming in to the site, nothing was coming out, apart from Hummers with blacked-out windows.

The Sun Blistered their skin. An enormous roar from underground, noxious dust filled the air and the Monstrous Edifice rose tediously heavenwards.

Sayonara Suckers.

There we are 100 words on the selfishness of pretty much everyone in charge these days…


  1. A “Proclamation of Assurance” has a disturbingly familiar ring to it. “Hummers and blacked out windows”: again, too familiar. Our dear Leaders headed off into outer space is the silver lining we need.


  2. Hummers truly are the devil’s chariots aren’t they. Whenever I see one I have bad bad thoughts. The woods on my road are slowly being destroyed by bulldozers, one home site at a time. It’s hard to be optimistic when so many seem oblivious of where we’re headed…


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