Fandango’s Story Starter

Never done this, didn’t see the need, really, until today when I discovered Fandango’s Story Starter It’s a new one on me, the idea being to complete a story started by Mr Fandango with a short phrase or sentence, this week not is this: 

Cold and Wet, Tired and Exhausted, she slumped back against the kitchen table leg, cold against her soaking wet t-shirt which clung to her back. She thought as no one was in she would be able to spread out and not worry about making a mess; it wouldn’t take long, she thought, and by the time the kids came home she would have cleaned up, had a shower and would be snuggled in her chair a satisfied glow on her face.

But the condenser dryer had been harder to clean than she had realised, and had leaked from somewhere soaking the floor and her, as she sat surrounded by soaked towels, leaking sponges and staurated toilet roll. The forgotten head torch dimming, a relic from this morning’s cleaning of the filter.

“Next time I’ll get someone in” she thought as she strained to stand up and shuffled off towards the stairs and a hot bath, the mess could wait for the family to get back.

Thats it! I cleared out my washer dryer today and it wasn’t as easy as I expected!


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