Friday Fictioneers: The Evolutionary Sting

Managed to get myself together to write something last week then had about 5 days off due to surprise birthday party and far too much fun times! So I’m back to try my best to help this band of merry pranksters make our glorious leader, Rochelle suitably proud of us, her children, kind of. Thanks to the shot by the wonderful Dale Rogerson, a really interesting photo which brings to mind insects, so lets get cracking.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


With the demise of the Bees in some sectors, the Wasps and Hornets, having begrudgingly admired their organisational abilities, had managed to exercise some power, their warlike boisterousness, too much for other bugs.

The ants and termites stayed underground, the 2 worlds needn’t meet.

The Invention of the “light pane” made from the gossamer thin wings of the peppered moth, once proud exemplification of natural selection in school text books, was now hunted down by crack squads of Vespidae, and enslaved in wretched wingless purgatory

The light panes transformed Bug Houses, chasing away the dark, damp corners, traditional in these homes.

Well its 4;37am, I can’t sleep and I’ve just managed to write this nonsense about what happens when the bees die, 100 words of insect drama.


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