“Stroke makes you Sad”, Shocker

Sometimes in life you are thrown a curved ball, which can throw one off track. I’ve spent my life off track and thus feel I am an authority to speak on such matters. Dad is still in the stroke ward, hes still recovering and we are still completely at a loss as to what happens next and where we go from here. The man we love and respect can no longer do anything physically, he’s fucked and hopeless, he may be able to move froths hospital, but he’ll never go home again which is incredibly sad.

So Mum went to see him today, he’s got problems with his poos, in that he’s had 5 today by 4 pm, which isn’t normal, and everytime something happens to Dad, its usually bad, and this meand going back to thew Leicester Royal Infirmary, which means no visitors and less care due to the business of the wards, so I wait with a certain amount of trepidation as every day receive news from Mum who is visiting Dad every day, he’s doing loads of Poos, he’s got an issue with his Peewhistle, the list goes on.

Toady she came back and told me that after speaking to another wife (of a stoke patient) on the ward, apparently the stroke patient becomes emotional and cries. Well all me old fashioned and a bit of a traditionalist but I’d imagine if i had a life changing event of which I will not recover from then I’d imagine i’d be pretty upset too. It demonstrated to me the stoic nature of my folks, their emotionlessness. I didn’t know what to say to my Mum when she hypothesised this, sometimes its like I’m speaking to a child, telling them that its ok to be scarred, its ok to be sad, its ok to be upset. There’s a long road of ignorance and persuasion ahead. 

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