Growing Rocks and Growing Calves

E37B9232-E4D7-4BEB-A2EB-08F966ADEC38_1_201_a10 days down and thus far the walk 1000 miles in one year seems to be going according to plan; special walking trousers have been purchased, waterproof and breathable, new wellington boots bought and old ones fixed, gloves, hats and snoods, old and new, Mrs T and I have gone the whole hog. The aim is to get beach presentable by August, its a long way off and theres plenty of wagons we can fall from in the mean time but so far so good.

I may just mention that where we live is ontop of a very calggy clay mud hill and so we feel that each mile we do its worth 2 of your lowland ambles, its meant to be 3 a day but we’re still getting to grips of the concept of distances and also distances between places where we live. We’ve been here just over a year now and we feel like we are stretching our wings like generic moths emerging from the chrysalis. Yesterday we walked 5 miles by accident thinking it was about 7 miles at least, but the fields were soaking in and among the cattle hoof prints as we navigated across the fields to the goal, some weird organic looking cliffs and rocks deep in a forrest, think it was a hermitage previously, now its just full of folk having bonfires and taking laughing gas for leisure purposes, while we stumbled down the track, stick propelled and stabilised, mud spattered up our legs and into our boots. My neighbour told me that these rocks are actually growing, theres only a few in the UK apparently, and one is close to us, spattered with spliff ends and silver canisters around its base. I’ll research and get back to you.

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