Reluctant Assassins

Blimey, a week has passed and already we’re close to Armageddon, who’d have thought? Thank God for Rochelle and the rest of you lot for providing a safe haven in a tiny corner of the internet. Cheers to Anna Higa too who provided the shot. 

So in this bloody situation I’ll say flippantly,

On My Marks…

Get Set…


(As I always have)

“Sir, everything looks peaceful here Sir”

“There’s a man in a tie-dye T-shirt with a weapon, theres an incendiary device next to him. TAKE HIM OUT”

“Sir, he looks like a street entertainer… copy…”

“KILL HIM. Sergei; you know there could be consequences…”

“But Sir, he’s about to make some balloon animals… Sir”

“If you don’t kill him, things could be bad for you”

“sir, yes, sir”

Totally alone. Pointing the gun, from across the piazza Sergei squinted through the sights, salty sweat blurring his vision, and beading on the eyepiece.

Sergei squeezed the trigger…. the man’s head exploded

A story about Russian advances through Europe with soldiers unable to refuse orders. It’s a shitty time for sure, and for the first time its only 99 words. Whatever that means.


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