This Bloody Country

 I think i’m listening to too much Radio, I’m watching too many war reports. This morning as I drove through the Herefordshire mizzle listening to the car radio I found myself feeling trapped, in my country, trapped by the lies of our politicians, feckless and spineless to open up our borders to Ukrainian refugees, terrified to impose immediate sanctions on Oligarchs confiscating their property, and shutting down their bank accounts. While we learn that instead, in the small print, they have 30 days to ship their dirty money elsewhere. The reason? I have no idea, but it seems striking that the Tory party won’t come clean about why. They blame lawyers, they blame red tape, but really the shit show that is Brexit means sanctioning the Russians would be a lot easier than if we were still in Europe, they blame the red tape of Brexit, where there isn’t as much red tape due to the horror show of Brexit. It’s almost like something fishy is going on.

Are we scared as a country to sanction without back up from Europe, or are we sacred that there may be some huge secrets which might get out regards Tory party funding amongst other things, the vice chairman of the Tory party until last week was boasting on his company website how he “looks after” several Russian clients, the super rich, but today that part of the web sirte was taken down.

I feel ashamed to be British right now, no I don’t I feel ashamed that we have such a shit show of a government, whom no one can trust, no one respects and that Johnson sneer tells a thousand stories, he’s got as many skeletons in his cupboard as their are pebbles on a beach. And the rest of the cabinet are absolute shockers too, it makes me sad that these fuckwits are controlling my future, it makes me embarressed that these fuckwits are representing me abroad, it makes me so cross that these fuckwits are lying, cheating, law breaking self serving bastards, only in it fir their own personal gain.

But one thing is certain, and maybe a referral to the people in Germany who are meeting 100’s of Ukrainian refugees at a train station and giving every single person a home for the foreseeable future, that is compassion, and that will win out. 

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