What a World we Live in Toady

I’ve managed to avoid the news for the most part this weekend, aside from some footy results and crossword action in the newspaper, it’s been a welcome break from the atrocities committed in Ukraine by the megalomaniac hiding in the Kremlin.

A few radio snippets heard on Saturday and Sunday reveal that awful woman Pritti Patel is still turning back refugees on the border with France, and so the ostracisation of Britain from polite European Society continues, and Londongrad manifests itself as the shady capital of suspect Russian money in Europe. As other countries impound super-yachts and padlock shut Oligarch property, we iin Britain seem to give them a warning before coming to get their stuff. “One more time and i’ll take it away from you. Do you understand Roman?” Speaking forcefully but with wet trousers on. No one respects a government who shits in its own front garden.

So the days of the war continue and the rhetoric coming from our wretched leaders is just empty words, propaganda for the blue rinse brigade and the young Conservatives, the Express and Mail painting our inglorious leader to be some sort of Churchillian figure here to sort this diabolical mess out, and in the mean time maybe everyone will forget what bad deeds the whole cabinet have been upto the last 2 years, the longer the war continues the more these fools are painted as being totally out of their depth, believing their own lies. And as someone far smarter than me said today or yesterday, when the tide goes out you can see who’s not wearing any swimming trunks. I think this wholesome mess is a severe case of the Emperors New Clothes. Johnson and his pals are hiding in plain sight, pantless, and as such you’re left to wonder how much longer can he and his bunch of once bullied, now bullies carry on?

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