Financial Storms

The end of the financial year is drawing to a close and I’m really looking forqwrd to my annual review. Im looking forward to see how much of a real time pay cut i am going to recieve due to the high inflation and the escalating fuel prices. This year is going to be an interesting one. Interesting because I am fascinated as to how the company can positively motivate me, when I expect a pay cut. I’ve never really been in this situation before, not that I’m consatntly exceeding targets (which I am because I still quite like doing what i do) but I wonder how they can put a positive spin on this storm that we are heading straight into.

Staying at a company who is probably going to tell me that theres not going to be any pay rises for a few years after the government pay freeze which we may or may not have  left yet. I’d ask the government but I don’t believe they have a fucking clue about what they are doing. A bunch of chancers elected by a bunch of racists and pensioners at the worst possible time in History in the last 50 years, and with Liz “I’m a massive idiot” Truss  waiting in the wings, fdressing like Thatcher and speaking in a lower voice in an attempt to enhance her chance of becoming the next prime minister, well God help us all, she, like all the rest of them, is wading through the waves of war in Europe stopping at every opportunity for a selfie to boost her popularity when all the smart money says she is a parody of herself. Poor girl, she should leave this politicking and get a job in TK Maxx, and I’m not belittling TKMaxx staff, I just think soaps and suitcases are more here kind of thing.

So strangely enough I will probably looking myslef in the mirror in a few weeks and asking if it is idiotic for me to stay in a job where the work rate is increasing, the pay decreasing, and they will possibly offer absolutely nothing by way of motivation. Does my staying make me part of the problem? Should I join Truss on the first floor in the luggage and jam section of TKMaxx? Its a question, and one that after 23 years at the same place I suspect many people will probably try and brush under the carpet, untilo the look at them self and see an idiot looking back at them, rubbing “MUG” from their forehead. Do I have any further gusto for the job in hand? Right now, with the country slumping to become the nasty man of Europe, and World War three on the cusp, maybe its better for me to count my blessings and just keep my head down. 

They pay me enough to do my job well, I take pride in what I do, but have no feelings of loyalty for the company, not any more, they don’t pay me enough to give a loyal shit. Lets see what happens, meeting tomorrow, and I’m going to steer the agenda towards pay and expenses; that’ll get me a bad attitude note on my end of year review i’d suspect! They don’t like the staff disagreeing see, its management structure has been latterly modelled on North Korea. Which makes me think I should probably look for something else… 

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