Annual Review; A sedate F**k you!

Had my annual review today and it seems I’m beyond reproach but not beyond being paid anymore for the job I do. All I can say is that with a real time pay cut, due to inflation, and having been told that I’ve done a shit load more jobs than many, in different areas, and having pulled myself out of an imagined dip of form due to making the same mistake twice in quick succession, a mistake with no consequence for the customer I’ll add. All these things and many more which I will tell once I win the pub meat raffle and am able to retire with more carrion than is beyond my wildest dreams. Then and only then will I reveal all. I’ve got a good pension so may as well suck the cock of the man for a few more years until I can rinse my mouth out and fuck off into the sunset.

Up until then, they will have to figure out how to motivate me, maybe they could reinstall the inspiration team, at the expense of the shout you down and keep you in your box team, and all in a less important business than they actually think it is too. The putative nature of the managers and the systems that they have here was revealed to me by my manager today who mentioned (from reading between the lines) that its beneficial to the business to have a higher turnover of staff so they don’t get their feet too far under the table, so as they don’t have to listen to an old fart like myself, who knows the business pretty well and is costing them a pretty penny in pension. Rather train up some youngsters, and dumb the whole process down, experience counts for nowt it seems, when no one cares about the quality of the data anymore. 

More fool me for giving a shit, lets see what the next year brings shall we…


  1. I always love your review posts. I just got one too. Likewise, beyond reproach and beyond getting paid for it. Actually–scratch that. They tell me verbally to my face I am perfect but I dug into their notes in the system and I got shit scores for the stuff they told me I do well. I think they do this on purpose to prevent raises.

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