Guess Who’s Back…

I think someone said that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, which i think relates to the weather, I cant remember what the weather was like at the beginning of March because i’m 50, probably grey clouds, last week we had a mini heat wave, beautifully warm sunshine and then yesterday it snowed. The colour of the lion is yellow which relates to the sun, the colour of the lamb is white which relates to the snow. But on this occasion the lamb has been scribbled on by the farmer leaving harsh red markings which is my positive Covid diagnosis. On the positive side though we are now fully out of the pandemic and whilst not so many of us are being hospitalised with it, i’d hazard a guess its the unvaccinated call it an educated conjecture on my part but without any telly scientists and without a word coming out of our prime minister’s mouth to be trusted then you’ll have to take my word for it. So i’m off sick and with a few days of aching bones and high temperature behind me, never has the will been so strong to open a bottle of chilled white wine and listen to my records really loud whilst everyone is out at school or work, only to be discovered as a contaminated heap of male Caucasian Covid on the lounge floor surrounded by vinyl, and shifted up stairs with a 2 metre long pike to splendid bedroom isolation until the rest of the family get it.

Problem is with this one, this strain as I see it, and this is only a Count of North Clifton guide and not to be taken as Gospel, you’ve got Facebook clickbait for that, the problem is that initially this “Covid” manifested itself as a cold, with negative test results while it bedded down, lulling the carrier into a false sense of security that this is only a cold, and thus you spread it, and then 4 days in; BAM!! It’s here, spread its wings and given it to many others. Fortunately I haven’t really seen anyone of late and those that I have I’m pretty sure I was ok, Sunday was when the first symptoms came I think. So this is a spreader, and make no mistake, tons of people have this and without the testing and Boffins analysing the stuff we may as well be shouting into the Contagious Fog of Covid Droplets.

Unscientifically, I picked my Mum up on Friday who casually mentioned to me after about an hour in the car that her friend tested positive whom she saw a week ago last Sunday, so she came over here and gave it to me (us), she told us that it was just a cold, using the science of denial and not wanting to stick a testing spatula down her throat of up her nose; so undignified. So her whole basis of diagnosis as far as she was concerned was so as to not upset any of her plans going forward, Covid should be for down time only  and in fact only strikes when you have a spare week or two in the calendar. Certainly not, as Mum was saying last night, on this Thursday when she has Robert the decorator coming round, because she’s had to wait for 2 years for him to come and paint over the cracks (literally) in her sitting room down stairs. I asked her yesterday if she was going to mention it to Robert, that she had Covid (unproved but a distinct possibility)only last week. She replied that, no there wasn’t really much point and that she’s fine and that the windows would be open. This obviously doesn’t take into account that R the Dec may or may not have underlying health issues, but, and I quote:

“I’m sure it will be alright”

Denial, and selfishness of the highest order, and that makes me sad, its certainly no example to set to the kids and grandchildren who are horrified that Granny could be so callous. Well i’m 75 miles away and have no idea what she’s getting unto now, if she’s gone shopping, if she’s wearing a mask at all, or anything of the sort. But remember Covid is over.

Covid is over, as I noticed when I signed off sick on my work intranet, no longer can one sign off with the reason being Covid, and so suddenly from April 1st the number of sick days off due to Covid drops off a cliff although anecdotally according to people I know and speak to on  social media, cases seem to be exploding, almost like the pandemic has never left us, or has been declassified, and thank God for the vaccine because I wouldn’t relish suffering like some of the 160,000 people in the UK have, that’s deaths due to Covid. But Covid is over; No-vid. 

So I’ve estimated i’ve got about an hour left before I’ll have to open all the windows and doors, place some yellow Bio-hazard tape around the chair i’m sitting on and clear off upto the bedroom I’ll be spending most of my time in for the next few days, while I miss out on a night out with my friends, which I’ve been waiting for, for months…


  1. Well isn’t that a shit Martin. I agree with all about your Mums attitude. Hope you feel better soon. This is a good guide for all those Covid deniers out there. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂


  2. I often wonder if anybody would ever realise Covid was real if we never created those tests. I’ve never taken one and I don’t believe ever got more than a regular cold. Whatever the case I hope you feel better soon.


  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. Just right now, more people I know have covid than at any time during the past two years. Most have the symptoms of a bad cold. But it is still causing havoc with all sorts of things.

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    • It’s insane, the govt is charging for LFTs so less people are testing passing it off as a cold, there’s no official figures, snd the government has said it’s over, plus fuel bills have gone up 50% which will force people into debt and suicide ultimately. This govt is swimming in a sea of blood


  4. My buddy gopt it 2 weeks ago. Good news is, he is fine now.
    But we discussed what the govt say he was supposed to do, and the answer seemed to be nothing.
    Kinda makes a mockery of the numbers coming out of PHE, makes a mockery of getting tested.

    It’d be nice to think that all the deaths are unvaccinated, but did you notice how PHE have not released that data? Doesn’t it make you wonder?


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