And next…

6 days since I first tested positive for the second bout of Covid and i’m negative, or so I thought I was until both kids looked at my row of lateral flow tests, chronologically placed on my radio next to my work monitor, there’s very definitely 2 lines in that last test, very definitely still positive, but according to the government guidelines I’m free to go, yet this last week I’ve felt henpecked by the virus; the way its dictated to me what I can or can not do. We all know that passing it on to someone else is bad, potentially fatal, but the government is putting a stop to that with the rules to go back to work or what you’re doing after 5 days of the first positive test, unless you’ve got a high temperature.  We all know that regular testing is sensible so as we don’t pass on the virus to people without realising we have it, but the government is putting a stop to that with the abandonment of provision of free LFTs for all.

So who should I believe? The Government or the Virus, who should I listen to? I believe the vaccine has played a large part in the milder symptoms I’ve experienced this last week, 3 doses, and another probably not so far off, many of the hospitalisations right now are for folk who haven’t had the vaccine or those poor unfortunates with an underlying health condition. But I wonder with my limited scientific knowledge if it is in the virus’ interest to be milder, to cohabit with its host rather than infiltrate ones life, spreading havoc, laying waste to his or her health and setting about to dishevel and rough them up, with the potential to kill them and thus falling on their own sword. I’d guess the virus wants to proliferate and take over the world, to live as a parasitical organism, taking what ever it needs form people like you and me, then buggering off with the hopes to return sometime into the future. By not killing us, maybe it has what it wants? Maybe it doesn’t, but the rougher statistics we have due to the lack of testing and reporting now shows that its all over the place, certainly on my twitter feed there seems to be loads of folk dropping like flies, confined to the bedroom for 5 days or so and then resurfacing again, blinking into the light.

God I hope its getting milder, christ I hope that we don’t breed another more dangerous variant, so I guess i’ll just cross my fingers, there doesn’t seem much else I can do as we hurtle towards Herd Immunity.

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